HTML5 Video Expandable Banner - HTML5 Expandable Ads - How to Create an HTML5 Expandable Banner Ad

This example opens after 2.7 seconds, (or rollover to open) and autoplay as well. Muted in the beginning.

Rollover to open and autoplay this HTML5 video banner.


We are using the free Jplayer ( in this example


We add a little bit of extra code when we Rollover the first banner to start the video playing in the larger banner.


<a id="squarebottomright" onmouseover="document.getElementById('squarebottomright_expanded_media').contentWindow.playvid('#jquery_jplayer_1');"><img src="images/banners/125x125.jpg" /></a>



Inside of larger expandable banner on the close button we are using.

<a href="javascript:parent.ExpandableBanners.closeAd('squarebottomright');$('#jquery_jplayer_1').jPlayer('stop'); "> Click here to close </a>


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